Other Topics

Although Travel and Technology are my primary niches, I write about many other subjects as well. Recent work is listed below.

Company and People Profiles
Corporate Payments
  • procure-to-pay
  • mobile payments fraud
  • IoT devices and payments
  • real-time payments
Health, Beauty, and fitness
  • staying healthy during pregnancy
  • choosing and breaking in hiking boots
  • skin care during menopause
  • tooth clenching and grinding
  • why a dental checkup is a medical checkup
  • foods for oral health
  • alternatives to sitting in a chair at your desk
  • osteoporosis in young women
  • mineral makeup
  • aerial yoga
  • training for a bicycle tour
Home and living
  • buying antiques online
  • new flooring trends
  • different kinds of window glass
  • bathroom spas
  • organic bedding
  • farmers markets
  • high-end home offices
  • deluxe horse stables
  • winter gardening
  • choosing the right wine cellar
Personal Finance
  • retirement planning at different ages
  • differences between Roth and traditional IRAs
  • family foundations
  • reducing taxes
  • camera tutorial
  • iPhone add-on lenses
Real estate
  • neighborhood descriptions
  • buying vs renting
  • fair housing rules regarding service animals
  • vertical gardening
  • asteroid mining
  • indicator species